ACT BEAUTY present new all-wood makeup brushes and new skin-brush-care collection

New sustainable makeup brushes range in wood without aluminium ferrule 
 Minimalist and sustainable design for our new ALL-WOOD BRUSHES range, symbol of authentic beauty without metal ferrule and plastic handle. Our new ALL-WOOD BRUSHES meet the demand of the new makeup brushes trend : sustainable, elegant and become an equally important object that is transmitted. 
Our brushes can be made in wood or bamboo FSC. 
This set is vegan. 
If you want to know more and discover the complete collection of our ALL-WOOD BRUSHES COLLECTION contact us!

Skincare brushes with extra benefits 
At ACT Beauty, we had anticipated the demand and the need for skincare applicator brushes. Our SKIN-BRUSH-CARE rang has been in existence for 2 years, the health crisis driven the fear of touch, the need for cleanliness and hygiene, and concerns about cross-contamination. 
The existence of our range responds to a strong demand from consumers looking for ever more reliable accessories. 
This range has been designed to respond to the essential gestures of the skincare ritual and to make your skincare routine a more hygienic and efficient process. 
Perfect for applying different mask & skincare products this range this range consists for example of : 
-Moisturiser brush -Serum brush, 
-Gel mask brush, 
-Eye & lip cream brush 
-Mixing spatula 
If you want to know more and discover the complete collection of our SKIN-BRUSH-CARE COLLECTION contact us! 
This set is vegan.