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A trend story by MakeUp in partner
As the pandemic spreads worldwide and people are forced to stay at home and wear a mask anywhere they go, the need for makeup has decreased. As a consequence and according to the NPD Group, color cosmetics saw a 52% sales drop in the second quarter of 2020. However this doesn’t mean that consumers are completely writing off makeup. They needed time to adapt and find new ways to use it.
It has already been a few years now that the lines between skincare and makeup are blurring and the current events are accelerating that trend. Indeed, consumers are now, more than ever, looking for hybrid makeup products that work on both, looks and skin, at the same time. 

Makeup with benefits 
 Popular and long-standing products in that category are BB and CC creams. They even out skin tone, provide coverage for small imperfections and smooth out wrinkles all the while moisturizing and protecting the skin from UV (thanks to SPF formulas). Nowadays, many foundations are offering similar benefits and help bridge the gap between makeup and skincare. Concealing and hydrating usually go hand in hand now.  
Some brands want to go even further, developing formulas that can replace some skincare steps all together. Indeed it is now quite common to find foundations that are also serums, or concealers infused with hyaluronic acid to banish dark circles and create a more fresh, awakened appearance. 
What is more recent is the emergence of these hybrid products in color cosmetics. You can find hyaluronic acide, vitamine C, vitamine E and many other ingredients with skincare benefits in blushes, lipsticks and even mascaras. 

Consumers’ perspective 
The pandemic has made consumers more conscious of their purchases, and they now look for products that can help achieve maximum results with minimal effort. When given the choice between a regular makeup product and one that can enhance the looks and treat the skin at the same time, consumers now tend to chose the later. Clearly habits are changing and people are gravitating towards products that offer multiple benefits and uses. 
Another factor influencing this appeal for hybrid makeup is the shift to a more natural, ‘imperfect’ beauty ideal. Body positivity and skin acceptance has been a growing movement that rippled into makeup. People embrace their skin and try to make the best of what they have instead of hiding it. As a result, when using makeup they are more sensitive to products offering to also treat skin conditions even if it means that coverage or color pigments are less heavy. Also hybrid products that combine several benefits in one product not only save time and money, they also save resources. Instead of using many different products, only one is needed, which reduces packaging waste.
Makeup brands are incorporating these notions in products they offer more and more and we observe that clean beauty brands are a step ahead. Indeed they have been offering hybrid makeup for some time as part of the image and values they promote. For them, using natural ingredients in color cosmetics has always been associated with skincare benefits and thanks to that some clean makeup brands kept growing despite the pandemic. This fact, combined with the many benefits and innovative technologies offered by hybrid cosmetics, makes it clear that hybrid beauty is here to stay. 

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