MakeUp in Shanghai and Luxe Pack at a glance - Beautystreams report

MakeUp in Shanghai and Luxe Pack Shanghai team up for a joint physical event held in the Shanghai Exhibition Center on 7-8 July, 2020. Originally planned for April, the gathering marks one of the first in-person shows of its kind since the coronavirus outbreak forced countless cancellations.
Attendance and feedback are both positive, sending a sign of hope for recovery in the sector, with some 6,300 visitors counted at the dual event, a 23% increase from last year. Sanitary measures and social distancing frame the gathering, which counts 32 exhibitors for MakeUp in, and 210 for Luxe Pack. Heavily attended conferences are programmed on topics ranging from analysis of post-Covid trends, to the Chinese luxury market, smart and connected packaging, sustainability in China today, and Chinese perspectives on the vegan cosmetics trend. For its 13th edition, Luxe Pack, which specializes in creative luxury packaging, presents its annual In Green Awards, and focuses heavily on creative design and data. In addition, the show welcomes guest of honor, speaker Geping Mao, one of China’s most famous make-up artists.

Awards at a glance
MakeUp in Shanghai has selected 8 IT Product Award-winners out of 26 items, which combine effectiveness, design, simplicity, comfort of use, and safety. They range from potent, natural ingredients, to innovative containers for highly concentrated products, and freeze-dried, active ingredients. Among this year's winning companies are: Sethic Innovations, Shanghai Xiafei Cosmetics Co. Ltd., LB

Do-it-all formulations
Big award-winner for multitasking formulations, Sethic Innovations, is recognized by the WeChat and IT Product Award contests. Examples include their SMART Makeup Shield Mist, a setting spray that moisturizes and repairs skin, is anti-inflammatory, protects from pollution, and absorbs "in one second," via a “nano-sized emulsifier,” to reduce droplet size to 200nm, 10x smaller than competitors. It contains bio-sugar Gum-1 (FUCOGEL), which forms a polysaccharide protective film on skin, to moisturize, reduce wrinkles, brighten, and whiten. Antipollution actives protect from heavy metals, PM2.5, and chemicals, while glycerol glucoside repairs skin barriers, and activates cell vitality. Another contest-winner: Pure Lip and Cheek Cream, contains 99.6% EWG green ingredients, in a blend of ceramides and 7 natural vegetable lipids, to mimic lip structure, and protect skin integrity. An oil-in-water emulsifier gives smooth texture, and strong waterproof performance. Voters found it soft, and satisfying the demand for “pure” lip products. Lastly, Adaptogen Essence BB Foundation is a weightlessfeeling, plant-origin emulsifier, that doesn’t clog pores, and is mattifying. Black soybean milk ferment from multistrain fermentation technology hydrates and repairs, while plankton extract controls oil and offers longer wear. Plus, fermented ginseng and cordyceps are anti-aging actives that enhance skin resistance and restore vitality. Other benefits include acne treatment.

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