Press Release STRAND High Tech Color Cosmetics - "100% natural" Blush, Bronzer & Pressed Powder

2020, June
IncrediGreen blush, bronzer and pressed powder have received regulatory validation for the "100% natural" claim. All 3 consist of natural mica (15%) *, pure mineral pigments, vegetable fatty acids, binder, and nourishing apricot kernel extract. They are also packaged in a recyclable paper pallet. 

IncrediGreen Blush (100% natural) : a buildable blush with a natural and silky finish 
IncrediGreen Bronzer 100% natural) : buildable bronzer with a soft, natural silky finish that is slightly pearly for an everyday healthy-look and/or to illuminate a tanned skin. 3 shades.
IncrediGreen pressed powder (100% natural) : a buildable pressed powder with a soft, natural and silky finish. 6 shades. 

IncrediGreen is part of the Thoughtful & Respectful beauty collection which celebrates natural beauty as a source of well-being, self-respect and respect for the planet. Clean and vegan, the products are labeled cosmos natural. This range includes 8 IncrediGreen products dedicated to the complexion, lips and eyes, and made of 96 to 100% natural ingredients, that are vegan and carefully selected for their cosmetic properties. The design of the formulas was supported by a packaging solution, mostly eco-designed, offering a turnkey make-up solution, as green as possible. 

STRAND High Tech Color Cosmetics 2020 promises to be colorful 
As the Makeup division of MS BEAUTiLAB, born from the merger between STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE and MARVINPAC, STRAND High Tech Color Cosmetics has completely redesigned its organization to provide creative and effective global solutions to French and international brands. 
Already recognized for the quality and sensoriality of its textures, the naturalness and the performance of its formulas, STRAND High Tech Color Cosmetics strengthens its analysis of markets and trends, close cooperation between its R&D, marketing and sales teams, to design a segmented offer that meets the expectations of its customers: innovation, inclusiveness, performance, naturalness, while respecting its CSR commitment, product and consumer safety and time-to-market. 
‘’The strength of STRAND High Tech Color Cosmetics is to be a Business Unit embodied by a team of experts dedicated to innovation and make-up performance. From trend analysis to color expertise, everything is done to make our clients' projects a reality. Our customers will benefit from more agility, responsiveness, relevance and performance’’ 
Denis Richard Orliange 
Business Unit Director 

Press contact 
Laurence Mignard 
+33(0)6 47 96 15 69