Press Release TAIKI - CBD, vitamin c cure & eco-design, strong market trends within Taiki’s new sheet masks offer, to meet consumer expectations

Paris, 10/12/2020
When consumers are more than ever looking for healthy skin, skincare products and super ingredients are on the rise. Among them, hemp, cannabidiol and vitamin C are doing well thanks to their amazing properties. 

In this context, one year after launching a wide range of turnkey natural & made in Europe sheet masks, two new references have enriched “My Nature Mask” range, born from MS Beautilab and Taiki Cosmetics Europe partnership.

CBD to relax skin … 
With more than 99,7% of natural origin ingredients, “CBD Natural Mask” offers an anti-stress and soothing formula based on cannabidiol properties. This vegan emulsion has been enriched with a unique phytocomplex combining organic seed hemp oil and encapsulated CBD that minimizes skin response to oxidative stress and helps skin regeneration, for a more even skin tone.

…Vitamin C to energize it 
One week for a brighter and happier skin, this is the concept of “VitCure Multimask”. This energizing cocktail will fight dull complexion and improve skin radiance and luminosity, thanks to powerful active ingredients: stabilized vitamin C for healthier, brighter and younger looking skin, and Kakadu Plum extract, an astonishing Australian Superfruit which has developed a unique antioxidant defense system. The 100% natural origin formula (compliant with COSMOS standard) is infused into 5 sheet masks in one single sachet, perfect for a week-long energy cure.

Eco-designed solution 
The Multimask packaging of VitCure is a zip sachet, resealable, that contains 5 impregnated sheets masks. This solution has been chosen to reach a reduction of almost 80% of packaging weight, compared to 5 standard sheet masks. 
Both CBD Natural Mask and VitCure Multimask are proposed on 100% organic cotton tissue, that presents nice natural inclusions as it is unbleached, to avoid chemicals use during production. These two new references are still locally produced with bulk production and filling in Europe.

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Within this partnership deal established in 2018 between MS Beautilab and Taiki Cosmetics Europe, both companies have used their expertise to offer full-service sheet masks exclusively made in France and/or Switzerland. 

In addition to custom made products, to meet the ever shorter “time to market” demands of skincare brands, no less than 10 references of turnkey masks spread over 3 ranges are already available in the MS / Taiki catalog:
• My Color Mask, entry-level, fun products targeting young customers 
My Nature Mask, an offer resolutely invested in naturalness 
My Active Mask, a premium range focused on dermo-cosmetic performance

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