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Eye makeup is the focus of the year and it will be about the whole eye area, not just the eyelids, lashes and brows, but also the under-eye. Two of the major trends for under-eye makeup are a bling version of Aegyo-sal (Korean term for charming fat) and an intensification of dark circles. 

A popular and long-standing Korean beauty trend is Aegyo-sal. It refers to skin excess under the eye that gives a more youthful look. It is different from eye-bags which are caused by lack of sleep or if you’re unlucky, caused by your genes, are darker than the rest of the skin and makes you look sleep deprived. Aegyo-sal is a pocket of skin just under the eye and is the same color as the surrounding skin. It is considered very cute and has been a must-have for many Asian celebrities for years.  

It is, for the luckiest ones, a natural face feature, but for those who don’t have it naturally, many options are possible. The most radical one is a surgical procedure of injecting fatty deposits or fillers along the under-eye area, creating a fuller appearance. A less drastic option is the use of makeup such as highlight and contour to create the appearance of under-eye fat.

Korean beauty brands even have dedicated products for this look. For instance, one of Etude House hottest products is The Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker. It is shaped like a standard eyeliner or eyebrow pencil but has two sides that twist off, revealing foamy cushion ends. If you peer into the caps, there are two tones : light brown and a shimmery champagne pink.  

Aegyo-sal is still a thing in Asia but it has now evolved into something new with the use of glitters and even pearls and rhinestones to highlight the under-eye area. The bold style is worn by idols of all genders, proving that over-the-top beauty looks are for everyone.

This new trend has appeared on social platform TikTok. It first started as a way to help people embrace the natural appearance of the skin underneath their eyes. TikTokers such as Danielle Marcan or Sara-Marie Carstens first used makeup to create the appearance of dark circles. It soon became viral and many similar beauty looks centered around purposefully coloring, highlighting or creating under-eye bags were made.  

Taking the trend a notch further, 17-year-old TikTok user, Pippa Barnes, recorded a tutorial on how to make a colorful under eye bag makeup. The result looks like rainbow raccoon eyes and once again it went viral. She posted her tutorial on the technique on January 19, and the #colorfuleyebags tag has now more than 1.4 million views.

The younger generation uses these makeup technics as a way to have fun and mainly to get attention on social media. Very few of them actually wear the trend to go outside. However it still has a ripple effect on people’s everyday make-up as we see a tendency to cover dark circles more naturally than before. Gone are the times when you had to pile on cream concealers and powders to get completely rid of your dark circles. It is now ok to have a faint under-eye circle. It even gives a sexy vibe, in the sens that it means you lead a festive life (partying and living fast-paced), when in reality none of us actually do (at least right now). Maybe it is a ‘fake it until we make it’ kind of trend. 

In the end, whether it be to get a cuter look or to have sexier dark circles, beauty looks this year will surely include under-eye makeup. 

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