What’s new with trends and cultural needs in a COVID/post-COVID market?

At Fashion Snoops, we’ve tracked a growing cultural need for sensorial, youthful pleasure, and we’re seeing real-time how the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating these needs. We’re watching this trend materialize in a variety of ways. First, tactile, jelly and gel formulas continue to be hugely popular, with bouncy, sticky, squishy textures that invite our curiosity and sense of play. We’re also seeing shape-shifting textures become appealing, as they turn basic beauty routines into a fun, interactive experience. We see this need to play with our makeup and satisfy tactile instincts as emotionally essential, not an immature indulgence. It’s a natural response to feeling out of control to need some kind of release, and we see play as this release. Nostalgia is also a major driver of this trend, as our need to escape our current reality and pressures has us looking to the emotional safety and simple comfort of childhood. We want to tap into what brings us joy and anything that makes us happy: glitter textures, bright colors, and cute packaging will help us to imagine a fanciful alternate reality. Post-COVID-19, we'll need a massive mood boost to lift us during the troubling aftermath of the pandemic, and we'll gravitate towards products that elevate our spirits and spark happiness. It’s no surprise that we’ve noticed food and nature playing a big role here. COVID-19 has reinforced the feel-good power of food, and has also reminded us of our desire to explore the wonder and fantasy of our environment. After the pandemic, we'll also be craving experiences and connection, still looking to technology-driven digital storytelling to bring us together. Influencers have been key to keeping moods light throughout the pandemic, and we particularly love the influencers sharing makeup looks to coordinate with face masks, as it reminds us that there's always room for creativity and personal expression despite constraints.