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NUWEN - Botanist peel-off mask

Renowned for its purifying and astringent virtues, organic Damascus rose water is used in the Botanist’s Mask to protect skin from pollution and revive its radiance. The floral water comes from the heart of the rose, and is collected through steam extraction to preserve the flower’s many properties. To hydrate and soften skin, the Botanist’s Mask is made of fine hibiscus sabdariffa powder, obtained by spray drying fresh flowers. It fights against skin ageing thanks to its high antioxidant and organic acid content. 100% natural ingredients. Efficacy clinically proven : +59,6% of immediate hydration. Peel-off mask technology : Peel-off masks are skincare products that have been included in professional facial treatments routines for many years. These powder based products are made of alginate and require a mixing step with water before application on the skin. A natural alginate complexation reaction occurs, turning the powder into a modeling mask. Peel-off masks perfectly fits facial or body contours and pushes hydration and active ingredients deep into the skin. Once dried, this second skin can be removed in one piece leaving the skin soft and radiant.
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