NASTRITEX: TECHNOLOGICAL MATERIALS FOR COSMETIC MACHINERY We are manufacturer of textiles and innovative materials needful to produce cosmetic products. Our materials are involved in pressing powders, pressing baked products and as insulating elements for injection technology. We developed also Frame® which is a system to produce compacts with engravings on the surface without the use of a specific mold and in 2019 we presented TechMix®, a multiple layer ribbon by coupling of two articles. Each layer can be different for composition and process to fulfil the needs of customers focusing on the ultimate goal. Now we are ready to introduce Futura, the first pressing ribbon in the world entirely made from recycled material derived from post consumer PET plastic bottles. Thanks to technology and service of NastriTex together with continuous research of NastriTex Lab, we are well ready to find new solutions to customers’ issues. Only if you learn what is behind you can go beyond.

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