PVL Beauté is specialized on lipsticks, cosmetics and perfumes innovative primary packaging, On lipstick market, we are specialized on: - standard product/mechanism that could be designed for fast differentiation - specific developments, especially with slim diameter, top fill/back fill mechanism for soft/liquid formulas … - new request for specific shape of cup & sleeve and dressings - airtight products Our Make Up production strategy is based on an exclusive partnership with Thai Hoover Industry, located in Bangkok, Thailand. We have developed a unique range of mechanisms and dressings, technologies for innovating lipstick solutions, close to the new trends. We also produce compacts and jars. On perfumes primary packaging, our Zamac Caps production’s strategy is based on an exclusive partnership located in China. For the cosmetics packaging, thanks to our experience in technology transfers, we are able to realize your primary packaging projects with materials we perfectly handle, such as: Polyester resin, Wood,Leather, loaded and engineering Plastics, Aluminum, Metal... From sophisticated style to natural products, ethical sourcing and a search for meaning, the world of cosmetics is continually being reinvented as new needs and uses arise. PVL Beauté is keenly aware of this reality, and it boldly works to represent these requirements in its wide range of products and services. Four materials to intensify your emotional experiences: Metal, “smart” plastic, wood and leather, we reveal the potential of these four materials using cutting-edge technology.
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PVL BEAUTE 's presentation

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Color cosmetics
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Cosmetic decoration

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Our packagings are
Standard and Custom
We provide
We produce our own packagings.
We trade packagings from other suppliers.
The resources we are using are
Plastic & bio-plastic
We provide in house decoration services:
Hot stamping
Silk screening
UV lacquering
Cosmetic decoration
Cosmetic decoration category
Plastic decoration
Metal decoration
Color decoration
Varnish decoration
Glitter decoration
We have in-house decoration capabilities.

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We have
Our Minimum Order Quantity is
10 000
We have R&D laboratories other than our head quarter in Thaillande.
We need
Less than 3 months
to develop a new product.
We need
Less than 3 months
to product and deliver a purchase order.