R&D Color Srl is an innovative company focused in contract manufacturing of high-tech make-up products. Creativity and passion combined with up-to-date raw materials to create the three main grouping of our products : Powders – Anhydrous and Emulsions. The heart of the company is the advanced Research and Development laboratory, creating customizable products, to meet specific customer requests and providing new formulation concepts to satisfy the constantly and rapidly evolving cosmetic market.

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Main cosmetics business market
Color cosmetics
Company's activity
Cosmetic decoration

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Cosmetic decoration
Cosmetic decoration category
Color decoration
Glitter decoration
We have in-house decoration capabilities.

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We have
Our Minimum Order Quantity is
Less than 5 000
We need
Less than 3 months
to develop a new product.
We need
Less than 3 months
to product and deliver a purchase order.