SIMP (part of HCP) is a creator and expert in the development and manufacturing of micro-injected plastic and rubber parts in the high added value cosmetic applicator segment. Forerunner of this technology and at the forefront of innovation, SIMP is today a key player in the cosmetic market on an international scale.
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SIMP 's presentation

Main cosmetics business market
Color cosmetics
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Accessories & Gifts

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Accessories categories
We produce our own accessories.
We have our own concepts & design resources.
We manufacture samples.

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We have
We serve
sales points.
Our Minimum Order Quantity is
10 000
We have sales offices other than our head quarter in Asia, Europe, US.
We have R&D laboratories other than our head quarter in Asia, Europe, US.
We need
Less than 3 months
to develop a new product.
We need
Less than a month
to product and deliver a purchase order.