Since 1953, CSR has been developing high-quality products and provided manufacturing solutions for major global beauty brands. In 2017, we were acquired by Kolmar Korea and have since extended our capabilities in Korean Beauty, in addition to our current capabilities in OTC, Skin Care, Hair Care, and Color Cosmetic products. CSR has consistently been the go-to OEM filler and is quickly becoming the industry's preferred ODM manufacturing partner. With a US and Canadian Sales Team, an enhanced marketing and innovation team along with a new R&I facility, and substantial investments in equipment and technology; CSR is the choice manufacturer in North America.

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We have Full-service / Turnkey solutions
Main cosmetics business market
Personal care
Hair care
Color cosmetics
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Color cosmetics
Body care
Hair care
Men care
We have our own formulation R&D laboratory.

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We have
Our Minimum Order Quantity is
5 000
We need
Less than 3 months
to develop a new product.
We need
More than 3 months
to product and deliver a purchase order.