Worldwide reference of the shrink-sleeve technology, Sleever International provides the most prestigious brands with tailored decoration, protection and promotion solutions,As a pioneer of a constantly moving market, owner of more than 250 patents and exclusive film formulations, Sleever International founds its excellence and creativity on a 45 years expertise and constant quest for innovation. Its innovations allow brands to express the codes of luxury, based on black, white, gold and silver, to be combined with endless creative possibilities in terms of colors,; shiny or matte finishes, metallic or sensory effects. Protection and security is another focus with tamper evidence, antitheft and traceability solutions, potentially combinable with full body decoration. Sleever International teams up with brands to create sustainable solutions, with recyclable or reusable packagings. Its vertical integration, from the films formulations to engineering and after-sales service, incorporates multiple printing techniques is unique on the market, and provides specifically designed machines for the make-up products implementation.

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Main cosmetics business market
Personal care
Hair care
Color cosmetics
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Our packagings are
We provide
Primary and Secondary
We produce our own packagings.
The resources we are using are
Plastic & bio-plastic
We provide in house decoration services:
Hot stamping
Silk screening
UV lacquering
We manufacture our own machinery.
We are subcontracting machinery.

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We have
We serve
sales points.
Our Minimum Order Quantity is
10 000
We have sales offices other than our head quarter in Sleever is a global company, with 14 locations on 5 continents.
We have R&D laboratories other than our head quarter in Sleever has R&D teams in several manufacturing business units.
We need
Less than 3 months
to develop a new product.
We need
Less than a month
to product and deliver a purchase order.