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LIVCER PRESENTATION Founded in 1991, Livcer is the French market leader in thermoformed unit doses for several years. We work with most French and European prestige and mass-market brands. Thermoforming technology is very flexible and can be used with a wide variety of shapes and forms. It is also very affordable, which means that the money you save can be used to upgrade the product, adding for example a brush, sponge or mirror. Our packaging expertise includes creams, loose powders, gels and liquids. We are renowned for our hot pour packaging know-how for products such as lipsticks, compact foundations, balms, etc. With over 140 standard skin care and make-up forms to choose from, Livcer is constantly diversifying its palette of forms and designs for unit doses. In order to anticipate market needs as much as possible, the company has decided to focus on developing its range of standard unit doses. Brands can therefore use the form that is most suited to their needs. The thermoformed unit doses also present several advantages: • You can choose the most suitable form from our standard moulds, or decide to create a mould that will be the exact replica of your retail product but on a smaller scale: In this way, your brand image and positioning remain intact. • Our light and compact doses are travel size; they are easy to carry with you in an aeroplane and perfectly suited for a weekend getaway. • In the case of retail products, the affordable price means that you can offer customers the opportunity to discover your brand at reduced cost. • The use of single doses offers higher protection for formulas, which are increasingly fragile with fewer and fewer preservatives. • They reassure customers. In the case of a treatment course, consumers don’t need to ask themselves how much cream they should use; they use one dose, no more, no less. Livcer is an eco-responsible company that has cared about the environment for many years. We are committed to making our product packaging and filling operations as ecological as possible, from the industrial design stage of the packaging right up to product delivery. We are certified ISO 22716 (GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices), ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (environmental standard), FDA registered and committed with Ecocert. Since its creation, our company has been committed to a culture of CSR : respect the environment, Prioritize actions that are consistent with sustainable development, issue a Code of Conduct based on all our commitments shared by all employees, global Compact membership.
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