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Nippon Shikizai was founded in 1913. We started as a pigment manufacturer for cosmetics. Thanks to our experience of pigments we begun to manufacture the cosmetic products in 1957. We have 3 factories in Japan and 2 factories in France (Thepenier Pharma & Cosmetics SAS & Nippon Shikizai France). Nippon Shikizai Group is a favorite partner of global cosmetic bands in the three main market (Asia, Europe, USA). They achieve the high level of trust as an OEM manufacturer and an ODM manufacturer. Our R&D develop the innovative makeup products (Lips, Eyes, Face), the Sun care products and the skin care products.

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Color cosmetics
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Color cosmetics
We have our own formulation R&D laboratory.
We are subcontracting formulation R&D.

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We have
We have sales offices other than our head quarter in Paris.
We have R&D laboratories other than our head quarter in Orleans.
We need
Less than a month
to develop a new product.
We need
More than 3 months
to product and deliver a purchase order.