Established in 1967, Gi Picco’s was among the first Italian companies to specialise in decorative cosmetics and make-up production. We boast a unique level of industry expertise, with extensive range of formulas, moulds, forms, designs and colours. Today we export more than 90% of our production worldwide, and attend the industry’s top tradeshows. Our company has obtained all the leading quality certifications, and all our formulas are clinically and dermatologically tested, with safety and skin-tolerance tests conducted in accordance with the most rigorous standards. Milan, the beating heart of Made in Italy, is home to our head office, our R&D department and our 4,500 sq.m manufacturing facility. Our flexible production capacity matches all needs of our customers. At Gi Picco’s, creativity and innovation are the keywords that enable us to offer products to satisfy customer needs and set new trends. Our manufacturing facility is subdivided into 4 areas (powders, pressing, baking, emulsions) and implements continuous technological updates. But our key asset is the vital contribution of our R&D team, the driving force that powers our on-going research into new formulas, new products, new designs, new raw materials and new technologies. “We were one of the first manufacturers in the world to develop and produce powder beads and relief-effect powders, and our new products reflect the distinctive Italian flair for beauty and a vocation for creativity we enhance on a daily basis” Beauty, a taste for art and design, attention to detail and to ingredients, empathy with our customers: we take the best of Made in Italy all over the world, exporting 90% of our production. The colours of Italy – its art, its landscapes – provide a constant source of inspiration. Our products are made exclusively from raw materials of the highest quality. For example, we only use talc from the mines in Prali (Piedmont, Italy), which produce what everyone considers “the best and purest talc in the world”. “We are proud to be the flagbearer for Made in Italy around the world. We receive incredible stimuli from our clients across the globe, but it is our country Italy, with all its colours, that provides constant inspiration”
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Gpiccos 's presentation

Main cosmetics business market
Color cosmetics
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Cosmetic decoration

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Formulation categories
Color cosmetics
We have our own formulation R&D laboratory.
We are subcontracting formulation R&D.
Cosmetic decoration
Cosmetic decoration category
Color decoration
Glitter decoration
We have in-house decoration capabilities.

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We have
Our Minimum Order Quantity is
Less than 5 000
We need
Less than a month
to develop a new product.
We need
Less than 3 months
to product and deliver a purchase order.