Join us for the very first BeauTEAtime conference! This conference co-organized and moderated by Audrey Roulin, NellyRodi Beauty Director, will feature 3 french talents from the beauty industry. Chantal Soutarson, Founder of Beauty Toaster, the 1st Beauty & Wellness Podcast will enlighten you on the perpetual boom of the Indie Brands which disrupt the traditional codes of the beauty market, speaking differently to consumers. Julie Exertier, founder of Exertier brand - a french beauty house that captures the spirit of the Alps in a clean and committed skincare range and Alexis Robillard, founder of ALL TIGERS brand - a french natural and vegan make-up brand, will share their brand backgrounds and their current professional lives. All together, they will talk about the major challenges facing all the beauty players post covid and they will share their convictions for beauty, tomorrow.