Brands, large and small, legacy and indie, are being put to the test as never before. There is NO precedent for what we are experiencing. We have morphed from thrive to survive! The game has changed and sorting out the new rules is challenging, as they seem to change from one day to the next. Bianca and Karen will share consumer insights and actionable brand recommendations to provide some guidance and direction in these chaotic times, as we head to the Next Normal. Get both Bianca and Karen's insight on indie brand options for surviving the current global state of beauty, revolving around messaging/ marketing, development, knowing the pitfall and manoeuvring around the landscape which the end is unknown. Hear about all the tips on how to be relevant and relatable by branding together with like-minded brands. Learn how to use this time if halting a launch to come out on the others side with a novel approach. Think like a journalist and use this shift to try and understand your target consumer thank to this talk. Stay positive but realistic!

Has Covid19 changed the direction of makeup and skincare innovation? The most suitable IT Products for a post-covid world.

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